Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gift/Purchase Review: Sparkle Collagen Peptide Supplement

Back in mid 2014, I started thinking that I needed to think about adding collagen into my supplement routine because I was feeling that my skin looked like it needed some pepping up. One thing that really concerned me was that it's supposed to help with wrinkles and fine lines by restoring elasticity and plumping up your skin. I didn't want it looking like I had gained weight as a result of the "plumping up" of skin.

I remembered that Yu Ming of Beauty Box Online had sold a variety of different products and amongst them was collagen supplement powder drinks. I think that it was the Meiji ones that she had. When I looked online, I found that she didn't have this shop any more and I didn't investigate any further. I then found some collagen pills at the health store so I purchased those. It wasn't even a couple of weeks afterwards that I left for Japan and although I took all of my vitamins and supplements with me but never took any of them. 

Although it was a little bit of an impromptu arrangement, I was fortunate enough to do a meet up with Yu Ming and Lil' C while we were in Tokyo. It was awesome being able to meet them and I was blessed with lovely gifts. One of the items I received was a tub of Sparkle Collagen Peptide Supplement. It was then that I learned that Yu Ming and her husband developed and are marketing their own new line of collagen supplements and that they call it Sparkle.

It comes in a tub with enough product to last you for 30 days.

As of now, they only have it available in Orange flavor. It's a nice flavor, a little on the tart side but works great in water or even in orange juice. You just need to add one scoop, the scoop is included in the tub.

Do not make the mistake of accidentally mixing it in matcha latte. I was rushing around one morning and making a hot matcha latte and wanting to mix Sparkle into a glass of water. Unfortunately, it got put into the matcha latte and it did not taste good at all but I had to drink it all.

I started taking Sparkle on December 1st and within a couple of weeks I noticed some results. The benefits that I've noticed is that my skin looks really nice. It's hard to explain but it looks more lifted. I guess that it has plumped up but not to the point where I look like I gained weight, as I had first feared. My skin has the appearance of being well hydrated and smooth. 

The other thing that I noticed is that my hair started to grow back! For the last couple of years, it seems that my hair has been thinning a bit and I especially noticed that I didn't seem to have the baby hair growing along my forehead. I now have baby hair growing along my forehead again. I don't know about at the base of my neck since I can't see but it does seem that overall my hair is a little fuller than before I started taking Sparkle.

These results are what has happened for me. What has happened for me, will not necessarily happen for the next person.

Since I'll be traveling soon, I wanted to make sure that I pack Sparkle to take with me. I didn't want to bother with having to take a container and measure it out so I made my own  "to go" packets.

I used 2 inch by 2 inch (5.08 cm by 5.08 cm), 2 ml zip top bags to put the one scoop of Sparkle in. It fits just perfectly and makes for easy packing.

If you are interested in looking into this product, please visit  the Sparkle website. According to Yu Ming, they are still in the process of developing more exciting items so I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing what they will be. Let Sparkle help your inner beauty shine! (No I'm not affiliated, just a very happy customer.)

I don't like to throw things away that I feel are reusable so I came up with this idea on how to recycle the first tub that I emptied.

I cut a strip of washi paper and ran it through my Xyron Creative Station machine which had the laminate/permanent adhesive cartridge in it. I then put it where the original Sparkle label was. I am using it to hold the disposable eating utensils--wooden chopsticks, plastic forks and spoons. It's the perfect size!

This will probably be my last post for a while. The rest of this week and the next several weeks are crazy busy for me and I don't know if I will find any time to write any posts. The one really good thing is that part of the busyness is that I will be meeting up with several people whom I have met through blogging! So looking forward to it!

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Emmy L said...

hmmm...interesting! I am thinking of trying it out. It sounds like a good one. Great idea on recycling that can. Great job!

galpal.hi said...

@Emmy L--Thank you for reading and for your comment. If you decide to try it, I hope that you get some great results. I always say, you don't know if you don't try.

Thank you! I like trying to figure out ways to recycle and reuse items. Sometimes I'm successful and other times I'm not.


Beauty Box said...

Hi Kathy, thank you so much for your glowing review. I am so glad to hear that it's helping your skin and hair! I love hearing good feedback like yours :) You even travel with some Sparkle in little ziplock bags - makes me so happy that you love it.

I really enjoyed meeting you and your hubby in Tokyo. It's such a blessing to be able to connect with like-minded folks like yourself online. I think you are very creative with recycling the tub!! Btw, a capsule version will be coming out soon.

Linda said...

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Danish Smith said...

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