Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fixed Broken Chanel Eyeshadow Palette

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was MIA but kept myself involved in doing some beauty-related things. A lot of it was doing DIY and creative things and I wanted to share these in some posts. first up is fixing an eyeshadow palette.

A few years back I blogged about receiving the beautiful Chanel Ombres Perlees eyeshadow palette. To my dismay, my cat had an accident which in turn knocked over a lamp and had the eyeshadow palette go crashing down as well. The end result was in a cracked palette, including the mirror.

I was disappointed but felt that I could still use the palette. It got increasingly difficult to use as it kept on breaking apart and getting into the other pan colors so I eventually gave up thinking that one day I'll redo it. The day finally came. Probably the most difficult thing to do was to keep the broken eyeshadows from falling into the color that I wanted to press into a new pan. I used my favorite kitchen item to help--Glad's Press'n Seal.

I swear, this product is awesome! It's so much better than plastic wrap as it really does seal very well. I placed it on the palette and cut away the section that I wanted to remove the eyeshadow. I would then reseal the empty portion when I moved on to the next color.

Once I was done with pressing all the colors, I then needed to decide what to put it in. I do have various empty magnetic palettes and I feature those ideas in another post. I decided to keep this together as one palette and went through my stash of things to figure out what to use. I came upon my Sephora mirror case, which is what is normally what you get when you receive a gift card. This particular one was quite old and the mirrors had fallen off. I kept it thinking that I would reglue the mirrors back but never did.

I then realized that the eyeshadow pans fit into the case nicely.I inserted a sticky-backed magnetic sheet onto the bottom of the case and placed my new eyeshadow tins in.

The top of the case wasn't very pretty because of the old glue residue.

I thought that I could reglue one of the mirrors but the mirror was too thick and the case would not close. I ran a decorative paper through the Xyron machine to make it sticky backed and stuck it to the cover to make the case more presentable.

Although I don't normally use and keep the included applicators, I placed it into the case to show that even the applicators fit nicely.

I peeled the label off of the back of the Chanel case and placed it onto the outside cover, covering the Sephora logo. This way I will know that this is the eyeshadow palette and not a mirrored case.

In comparison to the Chanel case, this new housing is half the thickness.

It makes for even easier portability. I'm really happy with the end result. I will now make better use of this beautiful palette.



Bijin Blair said...

Your decorative paper is too cute!

And my word, you did a good job at pressing them back! How did you know that all the pigment/powder would fit into those squares/rectangles? Did the texture etc change after the pressing?

galpal.hi said...

@Bijin Blair--Thank you so much! I really didn't know how well the eyeshadows would fit in the pan. I was more concerned with having a decent palette again. The texture is the same and as the as pigmentation. There are just two little differences, which is human error. First, instead of using alcohol while pressing the black shade, I accidently used fractionated coconut oil, which is a binder. I was so worried that it would turn out rock hard but fortunately, it did not. It is firmer than the others but it actually works out very well since that color is so dark. This way I end up picking up less product on the brush. The purple shade ended up being more of a blackened purple but that's because broken particles of the black and gray shades ended up in the broken purple shade and I couldn't clean it out very well.


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