Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Purchase Review: Kiehl's Line-Reducing, Eye-Brightening Concentrate

Whenever I go to Las Vegas, I love going to Premium Outlet Mall to shop, especially at the CCO stores (Cosmetic Company Store). There are two such shops at the one outlet mall that I usually go to. When I was there in October, I was able to score some Giorgio Armani single eyeshadows (the ones like Infallibles).

I just went to Las Vegas last month and was hoping to find more of those eyeshadows but unfortunately, there was barely anything GA related in store. I was surprised to see a small selection of Kiehl's products there and was happy to find this eye cream.

It was quite chilly in Las Vegas and I felt that the eye cream that I took with me wasn't hydrating enough so I purchased the Kiehl's eye cream. I also wasn't getting enough sleep so I thought that with the eye brightening properties, it was perfect.

The ingredients:

The first night that I used it, I loved it! It was very emolient and hydrating. I did think that perhaps it might be a little too oily for use most months when I returned home as there are only a couple of months when it gets to what I feel is chilly. I used it for the next couple of days and was totally happy with it until...

...I noticed one night that after applying it, the area where I applied it felt prickly and a bit itchy. By this time, it was just a day away from returning home so I decided to stop using it and use it only at night after I returned home. It was slowly starting to feel more prickly and itchy with each application, although I experienced no swelling, redness or visible irritation. It finally got to the point where I was trying desperately not to rub or scratch and had to wash my face to remove it completely.

I'm really sad that it hasn't worked well for me. I use Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Complex without any problems and love it. I guess that I'm still on the hunt for a good eye cream to use at night.


P.S. I'm starting to gather things for a blog sale so keep watching out for it. This eye cream will defintely be going into the blog sale. Hopefully someone else uses it with no problems and likes it.


Blair said...

Such a shame that it didn't work for you! Prickly and itching? Bad bad bad signs.

Have you tried the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate?

A blogsale? Can't wait for it!

galpal.hi said...

@Blair--Is that from Kiehl's too? I'm a bit hesitant to try any more eye creams from them. It's really strange for me because I'm normally not sensitive to anything.


Jenni said...

shame it didn't work for you!!! I like the Midnight recovery eye too, it feels so nice on the skin although I couldn't quite see its effects.

One thing for sure, is that Kiehl's has always been generous with samples, maybe get a sample of their stuff (either packet or ask them to squeeze into a small jar) and try first?

the other day I asked about their olive oil hair mask and was told it's OOS, the SA wouldn't let me leave empty handed!