Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Girls' Day & Blogversary

March 3rd is known as Hina Matsuri, or Girls' Day in Japan. It also happens to mark this blog's 3rd year. The very first post was written on this date and was about Hina Matsuri.

A very good friend brought over a Hina Matsuri Cake for me this evening.

Isn't it pretty?! It's a strawberry shortcake and is very delicious. It is a Japanese-style cake, which I really like a lot. It was definitely difficult to cut into the cake. Even the box was beautifully decorated.

Speaking of cake, there was a recent post at Worship at the House of Blues about Japan cake. You'll find that very interesting post here. I happened to read it this afternoon and was craving Japanese cake. What a blessing that a friend would bring one to me later in the same evening!

Happy Girls' Day to all of you! Thank you for your continued support of this blog. I've met so many wonderful, caring people who are beautiful both inside and out.



Brianna said...

Happy Girls Day! Your cake looks lovely! I love Japanese cake too, its the perfect sweetness and softness! We had sakura mochi last night and chirashi tonight!

Ashley said...

Happy Girls day and blogversary!
The cake looks so pretty and cheerful ^^

galpal.hi said...

@Brianna--Although I know Girls Day is supposed to be for young girls, we're never too old, right?! Sakura mochi and chirashi sounds really yummy too! Hope you had a good March 3rd!


galpal.hi said...

@Ashley--Thank you very much! It was so hard to cut into the cake to eat it but at the same time, I'm glad that I did because it was so yummy!