Monday, March 25, 2013

Gift Review: Lise Watier Pink Power Blush

I recently received a wonderful gift! Thank you to my "sakura soul sister", Justine of Sakura Lovely, I was able to add to my blush collection from Lise Watier's Spring 2013 Collection.

Lise Watier is a Canadian cosmetic company and while they do take online orders, it is unfortunate that at this time they only will ship to Canadian addresses. I first heard about them because of their concealer wheel, which contains a variety of different shades of concealer to address all of your concealing needs.

As soon as I had seen previews from Canadian bloggers who had attended an event, which was probably at the end of 2012, I knew that I had to get the blush.

This blush is called PInk Power. There is a very lovely sakura design on top of a metallic silver case. The case itself is very sturdy and well constructed. I think that the presentation is quite elegant.

The blush on the inside is stunning! The sakura flowers are raised as well as the petals. The background is embossed. The pink blush is matte while the pale pink sakura has some iridescent glitter in it. I don't know if it's just an overlay or if it is throughout the flower.

At the time that I took these pictures, I had only taken it out to admire its beauty. I finally used it over the weekend. I used it twice and so far the fine iridescent glitters are still there so perhaps it is throughout the flower. I am hoping so since it adds just the hint of sparkle to your cheeks. The blush itself is nicely pigmented. A little goes a long way. It gave a nice pink flush to my cheeks. This is definitely a blush that I will have a hard time using on a regular basis, only because it is so beautiful to look at.

Thank you Justine for gifting this to me. I really, really like it.