Thursday, November 23, 2017

Purchase Review: Luxie Basic Eye Set Brushes

A couple of weeks ago, Mai and I attended Nordstrom's Beauty Trend Show. Again, we were overwhelmed by the different product lines that were there but immensely enjoyed ourselves. We both did not purchase a lot of items this year but were impressed by many things that we saw. While there, I did not take a good look at the Luxie Brush line but I did go back a week later and leisurely took a look and picked up the Basic Eye Set.

The Basic Eye Set brush line includes 6 brushes made with synthetic bristles, which are super soft and encased in a rose gold ferrule on top of a pink handle. I really love the color combo of these brushes. Included in the set were, Medium Angle Shading Eye Brush, Eye Shading Brush,  Small Angle Eye Brush, Flat Definer Brush, Tapered Blending Brush and Small Tapered Blendng Brush. The cost of this set was $50.00. Most of the brushes were also sold individually at around $12.00 each, so this set was well worth it. I have found use daily for each of the brushes except for the Flat Definer Brush. As advertised, the bristles are nice a soft and works well picking up and applying shadows as well as blending.

While I do love natural bristle brushes, more and more I'm finding that the synthetics are working out better, especially with wear and tear.This ended up being a great purchase for me. I'm considering picking up another set or two, as I like to have 3 of every brush that I use--2 which are in rotation for daily use and a 3rd for traveling. Either that or picking up the 4 brushes that I really like and use. I can get away with having just one type of blending brush instead of two different ones. (But, 4 x 12 = 48 so I might as well buy the set at $50.00.)  I think that perhaps our local Nordstrom might have sold out on the set. If that's the case, I can always order from them online too.

I'm a brush hoarder so please tell me if you have a favorite line of brushes that I should try out.