Saturday, November 25, 2017

Product Review, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Sale: SeneGence LashExtend

While growing up and until maybe 20 years or so ago, I had decently long eyelashes but they were not very thick and full and were typical asian poker straight. The fullness and length that I did have started to diminish with the use of mascara, false eyelashes and age.

About 10 years or so ago, came the boom and popularity of eyelash boosting serums--RevitaLash, Latisse, Talika Lipocils, etc. I have tried a few and here's my thoughts:

Eyelash Serum Products Used:

High end:

Trish McEvoy--decent results
Latisse--minimal results

Other brands:

Rapid Lash--decent results
Physician's Formula--minimal results

Japanese brand (forgot name)--no results

On May 25th, I started using another brand, which I leave unnamed now Over the past 6 months, I had great results. I've been asked if I started using lash extensions.Even Mai commented that she noticed my eyelashes right away. I stopped using it on November 10 for a couple of reasons. The first being that I believe I was running out of product and I thought perhaps my eyelashes had reached its peak. The second being that I learned about SeneGence LashExtend, which is almost 1/3rd the cost of what I was using. I was all set to purchase it when I decided to become a SeneGence distributor myself so I was able to get one on my own.

At this point, I felt that I couldn't expect any more than to maintain my lashes. With the product that I had been using prior to LashExtend, my lashes became longer and fuller and amazingly for the first time in my life, it naturally curled!

Using SeneGence LashExtend for only 2 weeks, instead of just maintaining, I have noticed even more growth and fullness AND my lashes are still curled. By the way, in the pictures above, those are natural lashes only, no mascara and no eyeliner. I am convinced that if I had used only Lash Extend from May 25th, I would still have the same amazing results. The cost of Lash Extend is only $50.00.

Starting today until Monday midnight, Hawaii time, in honor of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, all SeneGence orders will be 15% off. There are many other products in our SeneGence line as well as limited edition items. I do have a few LE items left. I will post pictures of products as well as any future specials on my FaceBook Group page, which is a closed group. Kat's Sense-able Products Please ask to be added 

LipSense Collection:

Caramel Apple Diamond  $30.00 (LE)
Diamond Kiss Gloss  $22.00 (LE)
Glam Doll  $25.00 (this is sold out at our order center but I have 2 left) (LE)
Glossy Gloss $20.00***
Orchid Gloss $20.00***

***Note: You need gloss to set lipstick

EyeSense Collection:

Starry Sky Shimmer  $25.00 (LE)
Gilded Shimmer  $25.00 (LE)
Ocean Shimmer  $25.00 (LE)

SeneDerm Solutions:

Clear LashExtend  $50.00

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.