Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Purchase Review: Tarte Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers

Slowly by slowly, my life's schedule is getting back to normal. Probably one of the good things about having worked so much, I was too tired to go out and about. Thus, my wallet was very happy as I didn't think about buying things much. Now, I'm starting to look at things and have been making purchases.

From my recent Sephora haul, I picked up Tarte Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers. 

It just sounded so intriguing to me. I thought that it might be similar to something that I used years and years ago from a brand called Stagelight Cosmetics. I just checked online and apparently they are still around but no where near the huge line of products that I remember seeing. I will check into it more.

This is according to Sephora's website:

What it is:
An easy-to-apply, faux lash system with sculpting fibers that enhance lash length and volume to create the appearance of false eyelashes. 

What it does:
Get the wide-eyed look of false eyelashes at home without the traditional faux lashes. The lightweight, black sculpting fibers seamlessly build onto your own lashes to achieve a naturally voluminous eye look in three simple steps: First, prep lashes with the included Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-in-1 Mascara. Next, extend lashes with fibers, using a gentle patting motion, and apply fibers onto top of lashes, starting at the middle and working outwards toward the tip. Finally, set them in place with mascara, applying a final coat to lock in the fibers—leaving lashes with dramatic volume. 

Using it the first time, I decided to go ahead and try using this with my current favorite mascara instead of the mascara that came in the set. My eyelashes are typical asian eyelashes which are straight, difficult to curl and will uncurl very easily. During this first time application, I made several mistakes, which I will explain along the way

My eyelashes are they normally are, without any mascara.

I then curled my eyelashes a bit, added mascara, added the fibers and mascara again, like the instructions. Then I added another coat of fibers and mascara. This was not a good idea as it got pretty clumped up, despite the fact that I was using Clump Crusher mascara.

I used a clean spoolie brush and a comb to unclump them the best that I could . The above picture looks good compared to what it initially looked like.

I did use it again another day and used the included mascara and did the process only once. As I thought, my eyelashes uncurled a bit not completely.

My thoughts on this:

The concept is good and isn't new. As I mentioned earlier, I used a product that Stagelight Cosmetics used to have. What actually surprised me was that unlike Stagelight Cosmetics, Tarte's fibers are black.

Stagelight Cosmetics was an almost clear white color. As you can see in the picture above, the fibers are very hairy looking and it's dry or perhaps almost dry, which is why you need to use mascara first. With Stagelight, I applied the fibers first as it was in something like a very light gel.

Because this is very hairy, even applying it from mid lash to tip, you may still feel the fibers. There are some people who can't use any mascara with fibers in it. If so, I would definitely stay away from this. These fibers were a bit irritating to my eyes.

One other thing that I didn't like was that the fibers didn't stay put. You know how we all get eyeshadow fallout while apply it? Well, it also happened with this product. It was really obvious until I took some closeup pictures for blogging. I even noticed it in the sink! (I apply makeup over the sink in the bathroom.)

Overall, this was a disappointment for me. I will definitely not be repurchasing or even using it again. A bit of a waste of money but it can't be helped. It happens sometimes.