Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brush Reform

I was using an inexpensive brush just to apply eyelid primer. I loved it so much that it became like this:

Since it was originally long haired, I got the brilliant idea of cutting it down to even out the hair. Using my ultra sharp craft scissors, I cut it.

I also shaped it the best I could to have slightly rounded ends. Tada!

I was really happy with the end result. However...

I didn't like the way it applied the eye shadow primer. I discovered that I like how the long-hair brushes are more flexible which makes it easier for me to apply the primer lightly. I then thought that I would use it to apply eye shadows as it is around the same size and shape of my beloved MAC eye shadow brush. It was then that I noticed the the ends of the brush are pokey. I guess in the process of making brushes, the ends are somehow cut so that it doesn't poke.

I ended up purchasing a new, inexpensive brush to apply eye shadow primer.

This was an interesting lesson learned--something that I wouldn't have done unless I was planning on dumping the brush anyway.