Thursday, June 12, 2014

Creative Idea: Drying Makeup Brushes

I try to deep cleanse my brushes once a week, although I haven't been very successful doing that these past couple of months. I love using brushes that have been freshly cleaned although it can be somewhat of a trial to go ahead and actually wash them. Laying them out to dry is something that I sometimes find to be a challenge.

How many of you dry your brushes laid on out a towel? It's been my main way of drying them--a towel spread out across the top of the dresser.

Usually I have the long side that is deeper into the dresser top rolled a bit so that the brush can lie at a slight angle with the end of the handle on the roll. I tend to use quite a bit of brushes so my washed brushes can spread the length of the towel, which actually takes up quite a bit of space.

I have recently started to slow down a bit at work, leaving me with some free time and so I wanted to wash my brushes. I laid out the towel and started gathering everything to begin washing. When I turned around, lo and behold, there was my cat lying on the laid out towel and she wasn't planning on budging. In the next several days, she made that her spot so I decided that I needed to find another area with enough space to lay out the brushes or think up something else.

While mulling things around in my head, one thing that I thought would be ideal is if the brushes had air flow, not just from the top of the brushes but from the bottom too. In my mind, it would seem that they would dry a bit more quickly. If I could, it would be great to be able to hang them so that they are vertical with the brush heads facing down but I couldn't figure out an ideal way to do that. While I was in Don Quijote in the $1.99 section (which would probably be 100 yen section in Japan or available in Daiso or other 100 yen stores in Japan), I came upon these stacking plastic racks.

It looks like you could buy separately, the little poles that would make it stack higher up but there were no poles for sale. I did find that just stacking them on top of each other gave enough space for the purpose that I wanted. I like that there is aeration on the bottom. It is also wide enough for even my longest brushes and yet compact in size that it takes up less space than the laid out towel.

I use two lightweight cotton towels on each rack, one to cover the bottom to soak up any excess water and the other one is used rolled up in the center to provide the angling of the brushes that I like to have when they are drying.

So far, I have had to use only two stacked trays and the spacing was perfect.

I'm happy with this new method of drying my brushes. So is the darned cat! What do you think of this?



Bijin Blair said...

Creative and it saves space too! No fabulous ideas like this ever comes to me hahaha~

And awww, Hime-chan is so precious <3

galpal.hi said...

@Bijin Blair--Thank you! I'm sure that lots of ideas come to you.