Monday, March 17, 2014

Product Review: Inexpensive False Eyelashes

Last week when I was out and about with my home stay girls, we were in Don Quijote (Donki) and I found a set of inexpensive false eyelashes from Japan. These looked similar to a set that I had received last year from a friend and blogger in Japan. I looked through my blog and I don't think that I had ever done a gift review of the eyelashes I received as a gift. I think that those pictures were in my old computer which had a disastrous ending--I lost everything on my hard drive when it crashed and died.

The false eyelashes that I received are from a very unknown (to me at least) beauty brand called Beauty Nailer. There are 5 pairs of eyelashes in it and the style of these are Cross Short.

I love these lashes because the length really is short and is just about the same length as my own natural lashes. I rarely wear false eyelashes because I can't stand the feel of them and many of them are so long and thick that they seem to shade my eyes from light. These are actually very comfortable and didn't give me that hooded feeling. They look very natural on. I sparingly wore them because I didn't want to run out and I still have the 2nd pair that I used away in my case to wear again.

The ones that I purchased were also in a set of 5 pairs and this is another unknown brand, Decorative Eyelash--or it could be Play Pure, I'm not sure. At the bottom of the package, it also says Playgirl, so I'm really confused!

These are also Cross Short. They longer and seem to be a bit thicker than Beauty Nailer. These have the labeling of being made in China. I couldn't find any labeling on the Beauty Nailer.

The one major difference that I noticed between the two brands is that the spine on the Decorative Eyelash brand is so stiff! It doesn't stay curved nicely, which makes it a little difficult to apply. I'm hoping that after using it a couple of times, it'll soften up and be more pliable. I thought that this would make the lashes be uncomfortable to wear but after finally getting it to stick and stay stuck, it is actually very comfortable! I think that it's one of the more comfortable lashes I have used.

The length of the lashes are still only very slightly longer than my own lashes and even though these are more dense, I don't feel like it's blocking any light and hooding my eyes. I also do not feel like I have to yank them off after a couple of hours of wear, as I do with a lot of other eyelashes. Unfortunately, I do not remember the exact price of this pack but it was in the neighborhood of $12.99 - $14.99. It's a great deal for 5 pairs and I definitely would repurchase if I find it again.

Today is St. Patty's Day thus my green EOTD. Happy St. Patrick's Day!



K said...

I love the Beauty Nailer Cross Short! I think they are a collaboration product with Donki. Let me know if you run out and want some more!

galpal.hi said...

Thank you K! The Beauty Nailer ones are really comfy!