Monday, November 18, 2013

How Much Beauty Product To Use Answers

Thank you to everyone who responded to the quiz and sending in answers whether via comment or email. I had a total of 5 people who responded and I hope that it was fun for you. Here are the answers to the quiz. Please remember that I compiled these answers after doing some searching around. I compiled these and came up with a general average amount. These are subjective, especially with hair care products since it can depend on the length of your hair.

1. Spot Treatment

Answer: b. Tic Tac
For me, I find this to be the general amount that I tend to use.

2. Facial Cleanser

Answer: d. Size of a plain M & M
I find this to be just about right to a little too much for my use, although it does depend on the facial cleanser that I am using. I find that some don't foam up as well as I like so I tend to use more.

3. Eye Cream

Answer: g. Rice grain
Pictured is a cooked medium rice grain. I looked at the uncooked one and thought that it was a bit too small. This is how much eye cream that I use.

4. Serum

Answer: a Pea
Again, the serum will determine the size of this. For most serums, this is about the right amount. I am currently using Clarins Double Serum and use quite a bit less than this, although it is difficult to get a size since it is quite runny.

5. Moisturizer

Answer: i. 2 raisins or 1 almond.
Sorry, the moisturizer did not squeeze out nicely so the picture is a bit messy. I also did not have a regular almond so I had to use a honey roasted almond. I actually find this amount of moisturizer to be a bit too much for my preference.

6. Sunscreen

Answer: e. Peanut M & M
Although this amount is to be used on face and neck, I find that it's too much for my preference.

7. Foundation

Answer: j. 6 small dots.
The amount on the left side of the picture is 6 small dots together. I thought that 6 small dots was a small amount but when I combined it together, it ended up being more than I tend to use. The more foundation that you apply, the less natural and more cakey it looks. Less is more and you can always apply  more in areas that you feel you need more coverage.

8. Shampoo

Answer: f. MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette Refill Pan
I know that the shampoo in the picture looks larger than the eyeshadow pan but it's because it started spreading out before I could snap the picture. I think that this amount is good for those with medium hair length.

9. Conditioner

Answer: h 2 grapes
This is a good amount for those with medium to long length hair.

10. Mousse

Answer: c. Golf Ball
Sorry, I don't have a golf ball at home (no golfers) and I don't think the hubs would have been too happy with me buying one just for blogging. I don't use hair mousse but I think that this is quite a bit of mousse. Perhaps this amount is best for those with longer length hair.

Remember, the more product that you use, doesn't mean that you are getting more benefits out of it. You are just using too much product and thus wasting your product and money.

The person who had to most correct answers is LauraLeia! Congratulations! Please email me your mailing address so that I can send you the prize.

Again, thank you to everyone for participating in this little quiz.



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Dear Kat, thank you so much! :D I've already dropped you an email.

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wow this is quite interesting! thanks for sharing :D

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@LauraLeia--You're welcome! I got your email and will respond accordingly.


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