Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gift Review: Perfecter Heated Round Brush

When I was in Las Vegas, I saw an infomercial about the Perfecter and quickly wrote down the information so that I could research it when I got back home. After I got back home, I did do some research and the reviews were mixed so I decided to not purchase it and instead look around for something comparable to purchase in store. I didn't really find anything that I liked so decided to just give up.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later to my birthday. I got together with Mai and when I opened up my birthday gift from her, my jaw seriously dropped! She gave me the Perfecter. It was such a coincidence because I hadn't even told her that I had looked into it. When I told her that I had seen the infomercial while in Vegas and that I even had written down the info, she was quite surprised too. Apparently she went through some lengths to get this for me because when she called to order it, she found out that they won't ship it to Hawaii, for whatever reason. She had to get it sent to her cousin, who then mailed it to her.

It comes as a set with the Perfecter Heated Round Brush, instruction booklet, 3 clips, a paddle brush and carry case.

The carrying case is insulated so that you can store the Perfecter even while it's still hot and transport it easily.

The Perfecter has two heat settings and you can straighten, curl and add volume. It has ion ceramic technology which aids in adding smoothness, shine and body to your hair. Unlike curling irons and flat irons, it is cool to the touch so you can touch the bristles or have it hit you against your skin and it won't burn.

Most of the negative reviews that I read were from people who had thicker, coarser hair. The positive reviews were from people who had thin, fine hair, which is what I have. After playing with it for a few weeks, here are my thoughts:

I can understand why the people with thick, coarse hair gave it negative reviews. While I have fine, thin hair, it is quite frizzy and even on the high heat setting, it didn't straighten my hair out well. I find that it work really well if my hair isn't frizzy. It's great for touch ups but only if you are not in a big rush. It does take some time to do--the informercial said approximately 3 minutes, which is close but to do a quick touch up with my flat iron will take about a minute.

This is my hair when I woke up in the morning:

As you can see, the ends are a bit scruffy.

This is after I used Perfecter:

I like that I can get a nice, slight curl at the ends which is a little more difficult to achieve with a flat iron. Hair is also smoother.

Overall, it's a nice gadget to have and will work out nicely especially if you have the time to work with it. I think it would work a lot better if you were able to adjust the heat even higher but it will also result in more damage to your hair.