Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gift Review: FANCL Skincare Travel Set

I had received this from my friends when they returned from Japan a few months ago. As I've been trying to use my stash, I finally finished up the toner that I was using and decided to open this set up.

Inside a top slide zip bag, is a bottle each of Mild Cleansing Oil, Washing Powder, Lotion and Milky Lotion. I do have a full-sized bottle of the Mild Cleansing Oil that I'm using so I have put the mini bottle away in my travel bag, along with the mini bottle of Washing Powder. I was also given a full-sized bottle of the Washing Powder that I haven't opened yet. I will be traveling to Las Vegas in October so I will use these two items when I am on my trip.

The Lotion, which is a toner, I really like! It is quite moisturizing. There are toners which have some alcohol in them so it is drying. Other toners that I have used feel like it is just water and I don't seem to reap any benefits from it. I think that once I am finally done using my stash (or at least most of my stash), I will purchase a full-sized bottle of this. I like it that much.

The Milky Lotion is the moisturizer. It is very light and while I do like it, I feel that it's a bit too light for my preference.

I love having mini products like this when I'm trying products for the first time. Usually the tiny little sample packages have too little product in it to be able to do a good trial run. Mini bottles usually provide just enough product to be able to test it out long enough to get a good idea of how good (or not so good) a product is.



Jamilla Camel said...

I love Japanese mini sets - they're a great way to try expensive products to see if they work!

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

Yeah Japanese brands def take advantage of "bigger" sample sets...I've been here for a while so I just take this for granted! LOL!

The Fancl cleansing oil is quite a classic...It is a best seller in Japan...It always ranks in the top three in ranking sites/magazine beauty awards.

galpal.hi said...

@Jamilla--I agree. I will buy travel sets to try out new products. It may seem like a waste since when they are broken down, it is more expensive but it's well worth it especially if it turns out to be something that you absolutely do not like.


galpal.hi said...

@Yuming--I've been finding more and more things in Sephora in travel sizes so it's a great trend, in my opinion. I would probably come home with one whole suitcase filled with travel sets if I shopped in Japan.