Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Love!

Sorry that I haven't been blogging or commenting much lately. Life is overwhelming me right now.

This past week I was extremely surprised when a package arrived. I definitely wasn't expecting any purchases in the mail. I received a love package from Brianna of  The Sungirl Says.

The package included a very sweet note along with some very wonderful products! A bow-shaped red dotted hair velcro, Hello Kitty scrubby bath towel, Hello Kitty oil blotting sheets and a bunch of samples. There was also a Canmake Shimmer Jelly Eyes 02, which is an eyeshadow that is waterproof! It's a beautiful "nude" color. There was also a bottle of Lush, It's Raining Men shower gel!!! I had been trying to get this at my local Lush store and it was completely out. I'm so grateful to Brianna for gifting this to me. I can't wait to try it! Thank you so much Brianna for the wonderful surprise and for your friendship. It was truly something that helped to brighten my week.

As I mentioned, I've been overwhelmed by life. It's been our busy period at work and I've been working every day with long hours. On top of that, this week we had to get our roof completely redone. Coming home from work late and being tired, it wasn't fun coming home to a house that has been completely covered by a film of dust. I would have to spend my time cleaning up the entire house before I could do anything else. My son is coming home for a visit next week Friday and it was decided a couple of weeks ago that they would hold a private wedding ceremony and reception here. He was going to register his marriage in Japan a while ago but has been having some difficulties with the Board of Education as far as his apartment situation. With the cancellation of bigger celebrations in Hawaii and Japan, this private affair will be his main celebration. With this in mind, I've been scrambling to secure permits for a beach wedding and we're still trying to figure out where to hold the mini reception. I have also decided, on my own, to make this very much like a regular reception and have been busy trying to figure out party favors, order a cake and buy the wedding cake top. I'm also in the process of making the wedding announcements which will be mailed out after the ceremony. The original design was very intricate and my electronic cutting machine has been giving me major problems so I've had to redesign the announcement. With all of this happening, I will probably be away from blogging for longer periods until after they return to Japan. I will be reading blogs and hopefully comment but if not, I promise that I'll catch up on everything eventually.



evie said...

sounds busy but exciting!!congratulations!hope the wedding ceremony will be a blast and everything will be smooth sailing XD
love using the hair velcro(usualy i will just stick a few on my hair at home haha) and the sweet polka dots makes it even better!
argh so true!i hate renovating plus it makes the house super dusty..hope it will be finished soon! ganbatte!

breakingrumours said...

Congratulations on your son's wedding,hope everything goes well for you! no matter what please do take care and don't overwork yourself. And thats so nice of Briana to send you those stuff ^.^ hope you have fun and a great time with your son! no worries about blogging and commenting. beach reception sounds like a super good idea!<3 all the best Kat :) <3

K said...

Wow, what a lovely package from Brianna! I'm so happy you got to try IRM.

I hope everything goes well for the wedding and reception. Have you heard that the number of weddings has increased in Japan since the earthquake? Everyone appreciates happiness more. Best wishes to you, your son and his fiancee, and both of your families!

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

You are such a great are organizing his whole wedding! Can totally relate to coordinating a bunch of things because my wedding is three months away.....I'm sure it'll be a beautiful event, thanks to you...

Kristen M said...

Super cute Hello Kitty blotters!!!:-) Congratulations on your son's wedding!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Your son is having his reception! I would love to see pictures. I hope you're not too stressed sorting everything out.

Brianna is just very sweet! We hung out a few times since I've got back and I'll miss her!

galpal.hi said...

@evie--Thank you so much! It's definitely been crazy busy but at least parts of it is for a happy occasion.


galpal.hi said...

@breakingrumours--Thank you for your kind words. My son told me exactly the same thing in Japanese--to please take care because he didn't want me to be sick on his big day.

Brianna is such a sweetheart. I'm hoping that one day she and I can meet up.


galpal.hi said...

@K--Thank you! The time is coming up so quickly! My main concern is the language gap between the two sets of parents since we'll probably be spending time together without my son there to help translate. I've been so busy that I haven't had a time to do any brushing up on my Japanese.

Just like you, Brianna is so sweet. I hope that I can meet up with her one day. You know how they say things come in 3's--well if I meet up with her then she would be the third blogger who I met from Japan. Of course, she'll be back in the States by then but I first met her while she was blogging in Japan.


galpal.hi said...

@Yuming--Thank you! I'm sure that you're going quite crazy with your wedding plans now too. I can't wait to read about how your beautiful, dream day goes.


galpal.hi said...

@Kristen M--Thank you for visiting and commenting. I love Hello Kitty and yes, those blotters are so cute.


galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--I'll share pictures with you when we get them. His reception will be very, very small with only approximately 19 people attending. Even if it's going to be that small, I really want to make it as if it were the big celebration they were originally planning which is why I'm making party favors and getting a cake. I decided that instead of the traditional wedding cake top, I'll buy a Precious Moments bride and groom figurine to put on the cake. I think that it'll make for a much better keepsake than a regular wedding cake top. To be honest, I don't even know what happened to my wedding cake top.

Glad that you've been able to spend time with Brianna before she leaves Japan. I know that she's getting sad already.