Monday, May 16, 2011

Lipstick Adventures and Surprise Announcement

Last week and this week is really busy for me at work so I'll be working late hours. Last week after getting home from work, I would continue working until midnight or so. I'm a bit tired so I haven't had a chance to respond to all of the comments on various posts. I will catch up soon.

For about a month now, I've been actively seeking a replacement to my all time favorite lippie, Maquillage Perfect Glossy Rouge. I know that I could order it online from a couple of places but it's so expensive. I recently discovered it's available on Adam Beauty for a very reasonable price. I will now have to wait a long while to buy it because...well, keep on reading and you'll understand why.  As you can see, it's down to me having to use a lipbrush to get to the very end of it.

I like Laura Mercier Stick Gloss but there is only a very few colors and most are not to my liking. Thanks to beauty bloggers on Twitter, I received a few suggestions. There was also a very active discussion and excitement about the Chanel Coco Rouge Shine Trio Set. So, in this last month, here is what I ended up with to try to find a replacement for that one favorite lipstick:

Five different lipsticks! Thank you dear lovelies (you know who you all are) for being such enablers. What happened to my no buy resolve? Well, I did say that I would buy only what I need to replace so I'm trying to replace that one favorite lippie. How's that for reasoning? I will be doing reviews on these in the upcoming days.

Now, onto my our surprise announcement...

It's a little late but we wanted to do a giveaway in celebration of Mother's Day. We also noticed that we now have 107 public followers and wanted to say thank you. This time I used to choose the winner.

And the winner is...

Blair of! Congratulations Blair! Please contact me by email with your mailing address!

I almost forgot! Here is what your prize is:

Brushroll with brushes from The Body Shop, Too Faced Leopard Love Cheek Palette, mini mirror, Too Faced Lashlight mascara and The Body Shop Eye Shimmer.

Have a wonderful week everyone!



Blair said...

This is a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for being so generous and thoughtful ^^

Did you manage to find a replacement? Do any of these five lippies fit the bill?

galpal.hi said...

@Blair--You're welcome! Please don't forget to email me your mailing address. I will get it out to you as soon as I can, but it might not be until next week if this week ends up being super crazy busy at work.

As for the replacement--yeah, kind of. I may need to go back to check on a better color match though, consistency/feel wise, I found a similar one.

*Kat* (who is now running off to work. She is late due to blogging. LOL!)

sugar sugar said...

aww that's a lot of lipsticks but all seem promising! :)

congrats blair! <3

Miss Kei Kei said...

Congrats with your followers! ^^ I will look forward to reading those lipstick reviews. x

Jess said...

Yay for new lippies! A woman can never own enough lipsticks, right? ;)

Ahh... I seriously have to go on a no-buy for the rest of the month too! But... not very successful yet. :(

Congrats to Blair for winning your giveaway!
And THANK YOU again for your surprise love package, Kat! <3

Vanity-Fashionista said...

Congrats on all your followers! :)
I'm loving the Chanel Trio Set, which reminds me that I should do a post on it soon XD
Can't wait for your lippie reviews!
Hope your week is less busy, have a good one ^^ xxx

coffretgorge said...

5 lippies to replace one, isnt that more expensive Kat? hahaha! the life of a beauty blogger. :D im sure its also more fun getting these 5 pretty lippies than just getting your HG Maquillage :P

how are you liking Aventure so far?

Congratulations to Blair for winning your surprise giveaway! you and Mai are too sweet and generous! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats to Blair!

Nice lipstick haul! I totally agree Maqualliage is expensive.. it's much cheaper in HK.. I would even go to HK to haul it :P

breakingrumours said...

Congrats Blair :3

Wow 5 lipsticks just to find the 'one' :D but glad you found a replacement. No matter how much work you have,do take care of yourself Kat :)

galpal.hi said...

@sugar sugar--*hides* I actually ended up buying two more lippies yesterday.

@Miss Kei Kei--Thank you! I'll definitely have to do reviews on them.

@Jess--You're welcome! I was so happy to be able to send you some love.

@Vanity-Fashionista--Yes, please do a review on the different colors in the trio. I had such a hard time choosing which color to buy.

@coffretgorge--I know! Oh well, at least I have the benefit of having 5 oh errr....check that...7 new lippies. (I bought two more yesterday)

@Nic Nic--Maquillage is expensive but the formulation is <3

@breakingrumours--Thank you for your sweet thoughts!

Brianna said...

Congrats Blair!

Kat what color is the maquillage? It looks beautiful, I would be sad to be running out as well.

galpal.hi said...

@Brianna--Thank you! I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one who is sad about using up a lipstick. The color is RD318.