Wednesday, March 16, 2011

EDIT: Update, Apologies and Thank Yous

For those who don't know, my son has been living in Fukushima for 2 1/2 years now. With the recent earthquake and tsunami, there is a possible disaster going on in Fukushima with their nuclear power plants. I wasn't too concerned about it until they really started having some major problems starting on Monday morning, Japan time. As a result of wanting and needing to be kept updated, I've been following someone on Twitter who gives really good up-to-the minute information as she is translating the breaking news from NHK and TBS. NHK does have an English version but it's not necessarily as current as she is. Besides, I can get these updates when I am at work.

As you might guess these tweets are quite constant and as Japan's day time is my night time, I am not getting much sleep as well. He is far away from the nuclear power plant and isn't even in the recommended 30 km radius zone. He was getting concerned though because gas is practically nil and food supplies everywhere is running low. He is grateful that there is running electricity and water and that his cell phone service finally was restored. He managed to get 1/4 tank of gas yesterday, as they are being rationed to 1000 yen purchases only. He was in line for over 1 1/2 hours. He isn't able to see his fiancee, who lives about 40 minutes away, in order to save his gas. He was thinking about leaving but she doesn't see the need to evacuate yet so they are playing a wait and see game.

As of this morning the U.S. Embassy has issued a notice to all Americans to either completely evacuate Fukushima or evacuate to outside of 80 km radius and to stay indoors. It is said by an NEI report (Nuclear Energy Institute) that one of the reactors in Fukushima Daiichi Power plant has no water remaining in the fuel pool, radiation levels are very high which could affect whatever plans they have to take corrective measures. Unfortunately, on NHK news, which I believe to be quite accurate, it was reported that the NEI report is inaccurate. (I can't find that report now.) Whatever the case, I have no idea who to believe.

My son does live just barely outside 100 km radius. If a meltdown and worse should occur, he's been told that over 200 km is better. He's been offered shelter at a friend's place in Tokyo but he has decided to go to Niigata, Yamagata and even Hokkaido instead if and when he does leave. In the end, that is perhaps a wiser decision because the winds seem to be blowing towards Tokyo and out towards the sea. Also just discovered today, but not widely reported, in Chiba, 2 chickens were found to have the H5N1 virus, at different farms, so thousands of chickens in Chiba will be destroyed to prevent the spread of the disease. OMG! What more can poor Japan get hit with?!

This has gotten long so are you still with me? I apologize for not updating the blog, answering emails and questions, etc. I've been busy monitoring situation, trying to write to family member to update them as well as keeping in touch with my son. I know that I've already apologized to some others privately but I do want to publicly apologize that I haven't had a chance to pack up and mail out the prize packages yet, as well as a blog sale item or two.

Thank you to all for your understanding. You've been nothing but so kind when I've apologized for not sending out things as promised. Thank you also to everyone who has emailed me, messaged me, wrote on Facebook and Twitter. I will try to write back to everyone personally.

I also received a very lovely love package from Lisa of Makeup and Life yesterday. It really brightened up my day tremendously and gave me a much needed break from just concentrating on the doom and gloom news.

In the package are a couple of masks, a Jill Stewart eyelash curler, mini Clinique lipgloss, mini Shu Uemura Atelier Made for Face in 02 Silver Cord, 2 sample packets of Lunasol Makeup Base, Canmake Jewel Stars in 09, and a YSL Touche Blush! I have never had anything so luxurious! Thank you Lisa, you were far too generous!

As I finish typing this, they are showing water spraying operation going on at the #3 reactor Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. Both #3 and #4 must be cooled or else melting fuel and/or hydrogen explosion. They are using helicoptors to drop water.

Sorry if this seemed like a very rambling post. Tried to do this very quickly and also while keeping abreast of the news.


EDIT: Talked on the phone to my son a little while ago and it seems that he is seriously thinking of leaving this evening after work. I'm not sure if his fiancee is planning on leaving with him or staying. I'm hoping that she's leaving too. I know that she's concerned about work and that 99.9% will not have a job to return to but safety is more important at the moment, in my opinion.

Also, I rushed through my original post and forgot to add something...A BIG SHOUTOUT TO YUMEKO AND BRIANNA. If I am exhausted over this incident for only a couple of days, I can't imagine how stressful, tiring and emotionally draining it must be for you in Tokyo. Living through the aftershocks is so scary and having to deal with limited transportation, food and water supplies running low and just basic living necessities are probably running low. You are both, as well as all of Japan, in my thoughts and prayers. I went to the market yesterday and had to leave for a while because I broke down. Here was an abundance of things that I could buy and choices of brands and I felt so helpless wanting to help out the people of Japan with supplies but knowing that I can't send hard goods over. All that I and we all can do is donate money for now.


heartbreaker said...

Hi Kat! No worries like seriously. Take all the time you need and please take care of yourself,you don't have to apologize for anything. Thank you for the update on the situation in Japan now,very much more up to date and detailed than what I'm getting. I hope your son is well. Please do keep us posted on your son;s situation,we are all worried for him and everyone that is in Japan now. Take care!

ことり ✜ kotori said...

Kat, there is really no need for you to aplogize at all. Please take care since that is what is most important. ):

I do hope your son keeps safe and well - as well as his fiance. <3

Wanderer said...

Kat, be strong!


alvira said...

You don't need to apologize obviously this is a difficult time so just take your time and I hope and pray things get better for people of Japan and for your son soon

galpal.hi said...

@heartbreaker, @kotori, @Wandere @ alvira: Thank you very much. You don't know how much your sincere thoughts mean to me at this time.

evie said...

have no idea how to offer comfort(lousy with words) but hope your son and his fiancée will be safe and hope that she will be able to go with him too! as its so true that health and safety is so much more important!take care! and there's no need to apologise!!

Brianna said...

Kat, I couldn't have expressed it any better. I really hope your son really does leave Fukushima, if he needs help the US Embassy in Tokyo will help him. I am seriously considering leaving Kawasaki for the first time since this whole thing started after the US embassy released its most recent travel warning. I send lots of love and HUGS your way, I know this cannot be easy for you at all.

Jennifer said...

Don't feel bad about neglecting the blog and comments, family is a more important and serious issue. I hope everything will turn out fine for your son, and Japan in general. *hugs*

sugar sugar said...

kat, please don't apologize. i'm sure everyone understands. you must be so worried. :( please don't worry too much because you might get sick or something... i hope your son and his fiancee are fine. i will pray for their safety as well as for everyone in japan.
hugs, hugs.

Steph said...

you must be so stressed ... i don't know what i can say to comfort you, but i'm sure all your readers would understand not posting and replying

I pray for the best for your son, his fiance, and the rest of japan <3

BV said...

If I were you Kat - I would ask both your son and his fiancee to leave Japan as quickly as possible. I think it would be easier on all of you to do so. I hope he has left already!! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I know that the Australian government has issued a warning for all Australian residents to leave Japan as soon as possible. What is really making me angry are the inflated prices to fly out of Japan at the moment - the Australian Embassy is offering short term loans to anyone who can't afford to fly out as well - that's how keen they are to get everyone out!!

Every morning I am afraid to watch the news. I am not sure what is going on this year but the ring of fire zones seem to be ramping up.

Much love to you and your family and of course the wonderful people of Japan. I am amazed how calm and collected they are! The food shortages seem impossible to believe at the moment!. Personally speaking, I was completed addicted to Calpis and onigiri when I was in Japan - I can't imagine that not being readily available 24 hours a day!!!

Just remember - this too will pass.



astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

Hi Kat, I know this is such a belated msg but hope your son and his fiance are okay. The mood in Japan is sad though daily life is going on. 'Tis somber times in Tokyo...hope you are not too worried about him as well. Take care.

galpal.hi said...

@astrorainfall (yuming)--Thank you for your sweet message! They are fine but very much on their toes. Our thoughts and prayers are with Japan and the survivors.


Anonymous said...

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