Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love Package from Jennifer and Meetup with Nic Nic

While I was away in Las Vegas, Jennifer of  "What's in my life and my makeup bag" sent me a little love package to thank me for the prize that she won in our giveaway. Isn't that so sweet?!

I didn't go into work on the 28th so it wasn't until March 1st that I was able to see the package that she sent me. She sent me a wonderful package of a variety of beauty masks!

I'm so happy! Most of them I haven't ever tried so I'm looking forward to using it and seeing what each one is like. She also sent me some samples of skin care products that I'm looking forward to testing out too. (I feel like I've forgotten to include something in the picture but I can't remember what it is.) Thank you Jennifer for your thoughtfulness!

March 1st was a wonderful day for me because I first go into work and get my love package from Jennifer and then I left early to go and meet up with Nic Nic of  "bang bang she shoots". Her wonderfully sweet hubby let her spend a couple of hours with Mai and me. Nic Nic was actually here in Hawaii to have her long-awaited wedding ceremony and reception with family from Japan and UK.

I picked Nic Nic up at her hotel in Waikiki and we then met Mai at Ala Moana Shopping Center for lunch. We had lunch at Charlies, which is a sub sandwich place. Nic Nic had a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. I believe that it was the first time she ate it.

We had a lot of fun just talking about all sorts of things, not just beauty related. After lunch we headed over to take a quick look at Sephora and at Longs Drugs. Before we knew it, it was time for me to take her back to the hotel as her schedule was quite full. This meetup with a lot of fun and even had some adventurous situations!

Nic Nic is a super sweet individual, whose beauty is both on the inside and outside. She'll have to blog about her lash extensions because they looked absolutely fantastic! After seeing hers, I wanted to do it too but after reading up on the care of it, I have to forego it. I'm just too rough on my eyes and it will not last. I had imagined Nic Nic to be on the taller, svelte side but I was so surprised by how petite she is. I can't believe that she's been trying to lose weight! You're too thin as it is Nic!

Nic Nic also surprised me with a lovely package.

There is a box of wagashi. Wagashi is basically traditional Japanese confectioneries and is often served with tea. The most common types of wagashi that is made is mochi, azuki bean paste and fruits. It is natural based in that it is made with mainly plant type of ingredients. I was told that often wagashi is made to represent the seasons. This box that I got is sakura mochi. It is really delicious with some hints of spice and sakura (cherry) flavors. Also in the package was a box of Lupicia Sakura tea. This is a seasonal item as well. It is black tea blended with salted cherry leaves. It is really the perfect match to drink while eating the sakura wagashi. There is also a little box of cookies in the set. Gokubuto mascara, my all time favorite mascara. Muji blush. I will have to do a review on this blush--I REALLY like it! Lastly, Nic Nic's all time favorite eyebrow pencil, Integrate Gracy in Gray. I can totally understand why she loves this eyebrow pencil. It makes very fine lines. I really like it too!

Nic Nic knows me very well--even if it is subconsciously. She gave me my favorite Gokubuto mascara, which she knew is my favorite because it's one of the items that I buy from her shop, A Pop of Kawaii. Sakura is my favorite flower and she gave me two wonderful sakura items. She had no idea that I love sakura.

Thank you Nic Nic and to your sweet hubby. It was an absolute pleasure and honor to have been able to meet you. This was my 2nd blogger meetup and it's been fantastic being able to meet other bloggers like this. Mai and I hope that we can do more of them.



coffretgorge said...

aw. i love blogger meetups! i've only had one so far and thats Jennifer! she's super duper nice and sweet to send you a "thank you" package.

i agree, nicnic is gorgeous inside out! that must have been so fun meeting with her, were you the one who gave her the LEI? and did u meet her dashing hubby as well? ^_^

Jess said...

Yay for blogger meet-ups! Nic Nic must be a real sweetheart! :)

Steph said...

march 1st did seem like a good day =D

your blogger meet up with NIc Nic sounds like a lot of fun =D good time always flies by~ && lovely gifts!!!

damn now i want to try some sakura wagashi, with some sakura tea =D

ことり ✜ kotori said...

; A ; iiii nee~

The gifts are so cute ^^ it's nice besides beauty you guys could really talk with each other too!

Anonymous said...

You're very sweet Kathy !! I'm so glad you like everything.. please review the muji blush! I might pick one up hehe. Ohh I just realised that your hair colour mismatches the brow pencil. If you like a lighter colour let me know and I'll send one to you! i'm actually happy about my weight but i hate my thighs and hips! they're well concealed :P I was worried about the wedding dress so I thought I should stay trim until then.. and after the wedding i went ahead and had a burger / ribs at Dukes (at two separate occasion) was great!! Now i have an awful mouth ulcer >_< no more fried food in a while!! Have a beautiful day!! Ps. Shall I call you Kat instead??lol

galpal.hi said...

@coffretgorge--Yes, I gave her the lei and unfortunately, no, I didn't get to meet her dashing hubby.

I agree that Jennifer was super sweet to have sent a package to me.


galpal.hi said...

@Jess--Nic Nic is so sweet and cute! If you ever get a chance to meet her, you'll love her too.


galpal.hi said...

@Steph--Sorry to make you crave sakura treats. Hehe!


galpal.hi said...

@kotori--Yes, it was really great! We did have fun talking about all kinds of things but mostly we chatted about other bloggers and how nice everyone is.


galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--I'll be sure to review the muji blush. I really, really like it. As for the color of the eyebrow pencil, don't worry, it's perfect! Sorry to hear that you have a mouth ulcer. That's no fun! Yes, please call me Kat, much easier to type. Will be emailing you shortly.


Miss Kei Kei said...

The community can be so kind. Its so cool you got to meet Nic Nic! There are a few beauty bloggers including yourself I would love to meet! KK x

Fruity Lashes said...

that was so sweet that you get to meet Nic. she's such a nice person.

heartbreaker said...

SO nice to have a blogger meet up! :D its so sad theres no one to meet up with yet in my country. oh well,nic nic look so happy! :D and so nice of her to come with gifts :)

Jennifer said...

the muji mosaic blush looks cute :) would you do a swatch/review on it?

hehe i think that something missing is the mini OPI?

Jian said...

Nic Nic is totally lovely isn't she? She's very easy to get along with I feel!
And it's nice that you have some new things to try too! =) I would love to visit Hawaii one day, or perhaps you may venture to London to have a holiday? =)

sugar sugar said...

Nic nic is so pretty! :3 You got so many wonderful gifts Kat! ^-^ I will be looking forward to your review on the blush.

K said...

So glad that you got to meet Nic!!! She's fabulous and so are you and Mai! Seeing this post made me miss you... hope we get to see each other again soon!