Saturday, July 4, 2015

Purchase Review: Lux Sakura Dream Shampoo and Conditioner

Back in February or so, Yumeko of A Dream of Tokyo posted a photo of a new, limited edition Lux shampoo and conditioner on Instagram. Being that it was soon sakura season, many limited edition sakura items come out and Sakura Dream was one of them. 

I love sakura and have used Lux hair care line items in the past so I knew that I needed to attempt to get this set to try. Almost immediately, I texted my son and daughter-in-law and asked them if they could get this for me if they came across it. They actually live in a rural area in Japan so not all items get to their area. A couple of weeks later, they texted me and said that they found it and bought it for me. I was going to wait to pick it up from them later this year but it just so happened a friend was coming to Hawaii in early June for a conference and wanted to meet with us. My son asked him to bring this with him for me.

Just recently I discovered that this is available for purchase in our local Donki store for $19.99, which is probably double what it costs in Japan. I also found that there are 3 different formulations, one of which I don't remember. I also do not know what this Sakura Dream line is beneficial for. The other formulation is for damage repair. The new formulation on this line is that it is silicone free. Other silicone-free shampoos that I have used in the past do not lather up well but I'm finding that this one still lathers up rather nicely. It could also be that I've gotten used to using Wen, which does not lather up at all. Here's the ingredient list, which you can click on to enlarge:

I am loving this shampoo! Sakura Dream has a nice, light fragrance, which is great for me who doesn't like strong scents. It cleans well and although it doesn't feel like it's conditioning well, it really is because when I run my brush through my wet hair, it just glides right through. I blow dry and flat iron my hair afterwards and my hair feels so soft and silky. I'm also very impressed by the fact that there is fullness to my hair! 

My one concern was that every time I use a Japanese brand hair care product, my scalp gets irritated. It itches and hurts. I've tried Lux, Shiseido Tsubaki line and even Spice Hair Treatment and end up with the same result. After using Lux Sakura Dream line consistently for 3 weeks now, I am happy to say that I do not have any problems. I'm assuming that it's the silicone that is in the other hair care items that is causing the irritation.

I love this set so much that I actually went out and paid the $19.99 for backups in my stash--I think that I bought 6! Since it's limited edition, I'm pretty sure that if I wait until I go back to Japan, it will not be there. I need to find out if they have the set as part of their regular line because although I love the limited Sakura Dreams, if they have it in a regular edition, I'd buy that and not have to worry about stocking up so much.

Today's the 4th of July in America. How will you be celebrating? As for me, I will be working the 1st half of the day and the 2nd half I will be spending time with my mother-in-law.



Vijaya said...

I'm just going to be relaxing at home for the 4th! This shampoo sounds HEAVENLY by the way. I'm so bookmarking this post and Yumeko's for when I'm in Tokyo.

galpal.hi said...

Vijaya--I don't know when you'll be in Tokyo, but I hope that you will be able to find it.