Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Korean Products Haul

After doing the blog post asking about recommendations of three different Korean brands, it got me motivated to go to 2 of the places.

The first shop that I went to was Tony Moly. I went there mainly because they were doing a promotional sale with our local KPop radio station. Everyone who went got a free C mask (for the outer corners of the eye) and a VIP card good for 10% off purchases until December 2014. It was the perfect opportunity for me to go and experience Tony Moly.

I found a lot of the products so cutely packaged, which I believe is typical of Korean beauty products. I have actually never tried any of these products. Tomatox is supposed to help detox and whiten your skin. The green apple item is a massage peeling gel, which I've used Japanese brands and love. Panda's Dream is eye masks to help dark circles, which is a small gift for someone. Cherry Blossom Hand Soap, which I've been using since I purchased it. It's lightly fragranced and quite pleasant. 7 Days Eyebrow Tatoo (yes, that's how it is spelt) is the one item that I had been interested in the most. Will do a review after I've used it a bit more. The other two items are the freebies that I got.

This afternoon I finally stopped by The Face Shop, which is located very close to me. I had gone to the other location about a year ago but just did a quick look. This time I had looked up their Facebook page and picked out items that I was interested in looking at.

Everything that I purchased is for gifts. Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in Spearmint is for Mai's son. She's been trying to get him into the habit of taking care of his skin, even if he is a boy and 11 years old. She feels that getting him in the habit now will be easier than later in his teen years. Mini Pet hand lotion, which I think is a cat but might be a dog, is for a co-worker. Nail Gradation Art Nails is for my sister. I have seen a couple of other bloggers who did their nails using these sets and it is gorgeous! Mild Bubble Hair Dye in Pink Brown. I haven't decided who I will give this to so perhaps I might keep it for myself. The two lemon containers are hand creams. I was given this hand cream when my friends last came back from Korea. I just opened mine up a couple of weeks ago and I'm really loving it! It's so emollient and perfect for using at night just before going to bed, especially since it's starting to get ever so slightly cooler. These will be given away to co-workers as well. The other items were gifts/freebies, which I will keep and a store customer point card.

The last store which I need to get to is Nature Republic. This is the store that I'm most excited about going to. As I had mentioned in the other blog post, this store is the farthest away and most inconvenient BUT will be opening a 2nd store in Ala Moana Shopping Center. The grand opening date is Sunday, December 15! There are a couple of blogger friends coming to the islands for vacation so the timing will be perfect as we have planned meet up day to be a shopping day. Nature Republic will be one of the store we will go to, definitely!

If you have any experience with any of the products that I have purchased, please leave me feedback on your thoughts.



Audrey said...

Asian beauty products are so cutely wrapped. The tomato and green apple products sound interesting! (:

Jenni said...

Nature Republic looks the best out of the three and I tried bits of them here and there :) especially love their hyrogel mask!!(I think its the snail one with mauve color packaging? reviewed those on my empties post sometime ago), so check those out at the store!