Monday, June 17, 2013

Purchase Review: Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

I picked up Clinique's Moisture Surge CC Cream a few weeks ago. It was mostly out of curiosity because I wanted to see what the difference is between a CC cream and a BB cream. Just by coincidence, as I started typing this blog post, a friend on twitter happened to tweet and ask what's the difference between the two. The CC stands for Color Correcting. To be quite honest, I do not see any noticeable difference between the two although I only have tried this one CC cream.

I chose to try Clinique's CC Cream because it is hydrating despite the fact that it is an oil-free product. It is formulated for all skin types. I was color matched to Light Medium.

After using it for several weeks, I am really liking it. It has been quite humid here and it seems to last at least 8 hours without touching up except for a little bit under my eyes. As with all base makeup, I do find that it oxidizes on me but it oxidizes to a good color match for me. The one thing that Clinique's CC Cream has over any other brand of BB cream is the choice of shades. If you are lucky, most BB cream brands have only 3 or 4 shades and I've found it difficult to get a good color match for myself. Clinique's CC Cream has a range of 6 shades, running from Very Light to Deep. This raises the chance of finding a good color match. The CC cream is a bit thicker than the foundations that I was using so it took a bit of getting used to applying it.I still prefer using a flat-top brush and stippling it on. It has really nice coverage and a little goes a long way. I find it to be nicely hydrating and doesn't settle into any fine lines. It's been the foundation that I've been reaching for each day.

Please share any experiences that you have had with CC creams.



Samantha Stevens said...

Thank you for your review! I have oily but dehydrated skin so sometimes it can be quite difficult to find the right product.. I normalyy prefect more coverage but I'm looking for something with a lighter consistency and coverage for summer.. I normally use foundation finders (the one by ps beauty is great, really accurtae) but they always include bb creams and cc creams since they're a hybrid with skin care.. I guess I'll give the clinique one a go then, so thanks again. You mentioned you got light medium, what shade you normally use in mac?

galpal.hi said...

@Samantha Stevens--Thank you for your comment. My normal shade in MAC is NC25 although it's a bit light for me. If I go up to NC30, it'll be a bit too dark. I think that light medium would fall into the NC25 range.


Jenni said...

I've only tried a few BB creams on the market - not yet tried the CC one. My skin is too troubled for BB Cream textures right now, sadly!