Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's In My Bathroom?

I can finally relax a bit because I'm done with doing my taxes! Unfortunately, I am now broke after having to pay.

I wanted to do a bit of a fun post today that I had thought up a month or so ago. Here's a little peek to see what products I use in my bathroom.

On my sink I have the following products:

Oral B battery operated toothbrush
Sensodyne ProNamel toothpaste
Sana Hadanomy Aquaplacenta Esthe foam
Daiso Puff and Sponge Cleanser
Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil
Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleaner, mini
Mannan Gel Peeling
Kerastase Oleo-Relax
Lion Kirei Kirei hand soap foam

In the shower stall there is:

Naive Facial Cleanser
Hello Kitty Facial Cleanser
Naive Body Wash
Lux Super Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

This picture was taken a couple of months ago. The Hello Kitty facial cleanser was in my March "Using My Stash" post as I had used it up. As you can see, the majority of my products are Japanese brands.

What's in your bathroom?



Jen Lavenders said...

Your stuff is tidy! ^_^

I have the same Kerastase oleo serum thing too :)

K said...

I was going to say the same thing - your bathroom is tidy!!!

Blair said...

It has a random mix of western and asian brands, but mostly dominated by asian brands. They make the best stuff <3

Jenni said...

oh my the Sana Esthe foam looks interesting!! what is it used for?

galpal.hi said...

@Jenni--The Sana Esthe Foam is a facial cleanser. It is a carbonated foam face wash and it can remove makeup, cleanse your face and also gives the effect of a facial massage and moisturizing mask by washing your face for 30 seconds or more. I did a review of it here: http://maikatoshaberi.blogspot.com/2012/12/gift-review-hadanomy-and-k-palette.html