Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2012 Year End Using My Stash

Happy New Year everyone! Did everyone have a good end to 2012? If you made New Year Resolutions at the beginning of 2012, did you fulfill them? How has the beginning of 2013 been? As for me, I had a really great holiday season since our whole immediate family was together. Now that they've all gone back, the house is a bit more quiet and I now finally have a little time to myself. While I normally don't make New Year Resolutions, I did at the beginning of 2012. One was to be using my stash instead of buying and a goal to hit pan on one of my NAKED palette colors. I did quite well on using my stash but alas, didn't hit pan on any colors in NAKED palette. 2013 is the Year of the Snake according to the Chinese calendar. I started off the year of the snake (although it's not official until February 10) by masking using Pure Smile Snake Venom mask.

I have to admit that creepy crawly things freak me out so it took a bit of doing to get me to use this mask. It really was nicely hydrating and I even felt hydrated the next morning when I woke up. I'm glad that I ended up gathering the courage to use it.

I realize that I'm a bit behind in my posts. Yes, I still needed to do this last post of Using My Stash 2012. The previous Using My Stash post was back at the beginning of October and things were actually moving quite slowly until towards mid December. That's when I started finishing up some things as well as did a clean up of older makeup.

Brush Cleansers 

I was using Wet Ones to do daily quick cleaning of my brushes but decided that this would be the final one that I would use on a regular basis. I've started using Sephora's Daily Makeup Brush Cleanser and I think that this might be more cost effective. I also use Daiso's Puff and Sponge Detergent to do a thorough cleaning. While I'd like to say that I'm really good and wash brushes on a weekly basis, it's probably more accurate to say that I do it every 2 - 3 weeks.

Makeup Remover Wipes

I normally don't post these as it's something that I use day in and day out and don't even think about posting it. However, I was given The Face Shop wipes, which were quite nice. I was also given E.L.F. wipes and was really surprised by how well it worked. Neutrogena is my all time favorite and has been for quite a few years now. It's rare that I run out of it as I usually always have a ton of back ups. I buy it from Costco so it comes with 3 packs per box.

Skin Care

 It's all from Noevir line this time, which has been a long time favorite brand of mine. I do delve into other brands but Noevir is pretty much a staple. Used up is full-sized bottle of moisturizer, full-sized jar of extra moisture cream and mini of moisturizer.


L'Oreal Voluminous False Lashes mascara has been a favorite of mine and that tube is now dried up. The little tube is so small that I can't read the label! (I think it was perhaps Clinique or Lancome.) It was a lower lash mascara that I reviewed way earlier. It's without the top because I liked the little wand so much so I washed it to use with other mascaras for my lower lash line. This mascara was just okay. I think that it was a bit pricey for the amount of mascara that you got but I loved the concept of it.


I surprised myself by actually using up some lip products. I don't especially care for MAC lip glosses because they are sticky so don't think I'll repurchase any. The lip butter in Berry Smoothie and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aventure were my everyday go to lipsticks. I believe that Aventure was a LE item but I do have another Berry Smoothie, which I'm currently using. The 2 MAC lipsticks were so old that I decided to just clear it out. 


 Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo was a really great shampoo. It's actually my 2nd bottle. I haven't repurchased yet because I need to use up more of the shampoos that are currently in my stash. Naive Aloe Body Wash is pretty much a staple in my house. I pretty much like Naive products.

Sue Devitt Bermuda Triangle Concealer is my favorite concealer. The one pictured is the 2nd tube that I've used and am currently using a 3rd tube. The MAC brush is so old that it's starting to shed so it's time to retire it. The little arrow-looking thing at the bottom of the picture is my eyebrow pencil refill. It's by Noevir and I've been using it for quite some time now and have repurchased.

For 2013, I've decided to continue on with using my stash. I'm quite proud to say that in 2012, I applied this concept to not just my beauty products but with things around the house. My mother-in-law was living with us for many years but is now living with her daughter because our house has too many stairs that she can't negotiate any more. My mother-in-law had so many things stacked up that I had no idea they were there. I've almost used up all of the foil rolls but still have lots of wax paper, plastic wrap and ziploc bags. Then there's the cleaning supplies! 

I will admit that I've already done some purchasing this month of things that I didn't necessarily need but I think that I was pretty good last year so it's nice to reward yourself. 

Have you made New Year Resolutions? If so, please share them with me.



Brianna said...

Happy New Year Kathy! I was in "using" mode last year as well. Mr.S rewarded my efforts with some Shiseido products I was eyeing! I think I'll do more of the same this year, but my goal is to be a better blogger! :)

Haru said...

Wow, you managed to use up so many lip products! Those are always the hardest for me. My New Year resolution is again to pare down my stash to a more sensible size. I really do not need four dozen shower gels in my house!

Beauty Box said...

Hi Kat, I think you did really well to use your stash. After my Beauty Buy Ban in Nov last year, I felt less cluttered but I think the holidays and hanging out at airports and malls returned me to my old ways but 2013 is an opportunity to try again!

galpal.hi said...

@Brianna--Happy New Year! It's so nice of Mr. S. to reward your efforts in using your stash! I hope that you'll be able to keep your goal, especially with blogging more again. I miss reading your blog posts!


galpal.hi said...

@Haru--Wow! I don't think that I've ever had that much supply of shower gels in my house. You did an awesome job of paring down in 2012 so I'm sure you'll do very well in 2013.


galpal.hi said...

@BeautyBox--I went a bit crazy this month, especially with my daughter-in-law here and wanting to go shopping. Oh well, I'm thinking of it as a reward for doing a decent job in 2012. I will be back on track again soon since I really do need to continue with using my stash.

Yes, 2013 is an opportunity to try again!


Jenni said...

Happy new year to you too Kat! I hope 2013 is a good one for us :)

have heard about the snake/snail masks originating from Korea and they kind of creeped me out too. I did try a snail serum from Holika Holika but think it's too heavy for my congested skin right now :(

Are you going to make any beauty-wise resolutions for 2013?

I have drafted lots of resolutions for 2013 (2012 was really a bad year...) Beauty-wise, I'd like to use up as much samples and full size products as possible (hence the empties post per month), buy less in general and when I do buy, it'd better be unique and special.

However, I did not set a $ limit yet because I find it almost impossible. lol

Also doing a no-buy for clothes at the moment. I can't believe I hadn't bought any clothing for more than a month!!!

galpal.hi said...

@Jenni--My only resolution is again to work on using my stash. Unfortunately, I've been busily (and happily) spending money, which I shouldn't be doing. I guess I'm making up for lost time. Haha!