Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Toy

My younger two sons decided to go big this year for Mother's Day. After they told the hubs what they were planning on getting for me, he decided he wanted in on it too so the cost of it was split three ways. They got the iPad 3 for me.

I wasn't too sure if I'd really want one, even after playing around with my oldest son's iPad 3 in Japan. I'll admit that it is quite convenient to have although I honestly still prefer using a PC.

I wanted the front cover and back shell cover in pink. Since I knew that I would be getting the pink back shell cover, I went with the white iPad. I also decided to decorate it with sakura stickers, just to differentiate it from others.

I also have a soft case for it--it was actually used when I went to Japan and took my mom's netbook with me.

Although I don't think that I'll be blogging with it, I have done a little bit of commenting using the iPad. I have Twitter on it and downloaded a book but otherwise, don't do much with it. Please help me with ideas on how you use your iPads. I do have an iPhone and do more things on it.



Jamilla Camel said...

I love it!

galpal.hi said...

@Jamilla--Thank you!


Brianna said...

Very cute cases!
Such a lovely mothers day gift!! :)

Sheila said...

Congrats, what an awesome present from your sons and hubby!

Ida said...

That's a nice mothers day gift. :)

Do you like to read? That's one of my favorite things to do on the ipad. I haven't had the chance to buy a Kindle, so in the meantime I use the ipad for reading ebooks, through the ibooks app, and there's also kindle for ipad.

Beauty Box said...

What a thoughtful sweet.

I used to feel that way about my iPad - that I didn't really find much use for it. But I do watch tons of Youtube videos on it while I prepare food or listen to podcasts or music or I download movies when I travel because I may find myself in a boring lull where reading might be challenging. There are a ton of ebooks to download as well. and yeah I also comment on blogs using my iPad if I'm travelling or hanging out on the sofa.

Jian said...

Awww it was really lovely of them to get you one! :) Love your case with the sakura stickers! So pretty and unique this way!

Personally I don't have an iPad, but I can imagine it'd be great for reading books, watching movies or watching YT. Kindle for iPad has cheaper books than iBooks I hear...I'm not sure if you can actually buy books on the iPad kindle though unless you have a kindle device already though since I can't work out how to get to the Kindle store on my iPhone....

Hope you can get more use out of it!

galpal.hi said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and ideas.

I've downloaded a book but maybe I'm old-fashioned but I miss having a real book. It just feels more cozy.

On Friday, discovered a great new use for the iPad. Some of us have a blogger chat via Google hangouts and I discovered that I was able to use the iPad and it worked great! Ended up spending 3 1/2 hours chatting with blogger friends.

I think that it'll come in handy when travelling. Much better than using only my iPhone.


Anonymous said...

how sweet of them!! what a cool new toy XD You have more excuses to blog now! :P