Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Goodies from Teizaku and Packing

I had gone to Las Vegas last year in October and again earlier this year in February. I can't remember exactly when it was but I had made a purchase from Teizaku for a handmade brush roll in a pink Charmmy Kitty print. I used to to travel to Las Vegas and love it so much. Recently Yumeko had posted some new brush rolls but this time in sakura print so I just had to get one. I also lucked out and was able to pick up an insulated water bottle holder/carrier.

These items are all handmade by Yumeko and sell out really quickly. She does an awesome job. All of the items that she makes and sells are entirely created by her, from the design of the product to the construction of it. She does not use commercial patterns or instructions. She also ships out really quickly and I can highly recommend her.

I really wanted to do this post yesterday but was laid up with a migraine. She posted about a pre-sale that she's having so please do check out her blog sale page here. I'm not sure what she still has available.

She also writes an awesome blog mostly about things in Japan. It's not only beauty related but she does posts on interesting places, travels and food. Please do check out her blog, A Dream of Tokyo if you like reading these kinds of writings.

I'll be travelling to Las Vegas again in October so the timing was perfect. I already have both my brushrolls thrown into my bag as well as the water bottle carrier. Yes, I'll be taking both brush rolls with me.

I don't know about most of you but one of the reasons why I don't like to travel is because of packing. I'm always afraid that I'll forget something that I really, really need. The result of this worry is that I often start packing 3 months or more before my actual trip. If I think of something that I will need I throw it into my suitcase or carryon. I'll pack clothes and unpack them as I weed out what I've over packed. I've actually only started packing a week ago so I'm really far behind. This is what my bags look like right now.:

The suitcase is actually a smaller suitcase and I think that I'm going to end up transferring everything into the large suitcase. Either that or I might keep it in that suitcase and pack that whole suitcase into the larger one. I'm not sure if I'll be doing much shopping in Las Vegas so I'm still debating on that. Normally I do pack my suitcase into my suitcase so that I'll have the extra suitcase to bring back everything. I travelled with only my one large suitcase in February and ended up regretting it. The result is that the suitcase in the picture was purchased in Las Vegas so that I could bring back everything. My luggage looks quite messy now but it will be nice and neat when I'm ready to leave. If anyone is travelling to Las Vegas in October too, please let me know and if the timing works out, maybe we can meet up.



Georgina said...

Yumeko picks the cutest fabrics too! :)

you begin packing 3 months prior to your travel date, wow! :)

i actually have a list of what i need to bring with me when i travel so i just check that before i zip up the suitcase and leave for the airport. i start packing a week before my flight. and i thought i was obsessive. LOL!

galpal.hi said...

@Georgina--She really does pick the nicest, cutest fabric.

I hate the thought of forgetting something so yes, I start packing that early. I usually just throw things in randomly and it isn't until the week before that I start thinking about what matches with what and what I'll definitely need. I do have a check list too.


Anonymous said...

I hate packing too. s

So cute handmade products by Yumeko. I love handmade things, and I love creative people.


Steph said...

I don't mind packing for a trip as much as I HATE packing for the trip back!!! I'm always trying to fit more stuff into the suitcase and it just won't budgeeee ><

but OMG 3 months ahead =0 i usually do night before XD anyways good luck with your packing!!!

You bought some really cute stuff from Yumeko =]

galpal.hi said...

@Sandy--I'm glad that someone else doesn't like packing too.

To me, handmade items are the best because it comes from the heart.


galpal.hi said...

@Steph--LOL! That's true, after all of the hauling, the problem is packing everything to bring it home.